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School of equal treatment: programme for teachers

Do we know how to teach about differences, so that – even inadvertently – we do not hurt anyone? Do we realize that discrimination and violence in  school not only mean a lack of respect for others but also violation of the law?  The Geremek Foundation  and the Open Republic Association  invite teachers to take part in the project “School of Equal Treatment”.

Many schools face educational challenges connected with the management of diversity and conflict situations  and the building of a culture of mutual respect and communication without violence. Teachers are increasingly seeking solutions incorporating prevention of peer violence and discrimination.

The  proposed project addresses comprehensively these needs and problems.

Project goals:



The teachers qualified for the Programme :

- will take part in two 3-day (20-hour) training conventions.

- jointly with trainers will plan and execute a local initiative, in line with the theme of the project “School of Equal Treatment”  (January-May);

- will be able to participate in a forum devoted to the exchange of experience and good practices;

- will receive a set of educational materials.

The project will last from November 2015 to June 2016.


Participating teachers will receive course completion certificates. Schools whose teachers take part in the project (i.e. participate in training, implement local initiatives) will receive “Equal-Treatment School” badges, presented during a gala ceremony in Parliament.