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The core of the great Solidarity movement was the dream of freedom and democracy, understood as an innate right of every human being to decide his or her own fate and to share responsibility for the fate of the nation.

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Council & Board

Foundation Council:

Mikołaj Dowgielewicz – Vice-Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank, Secretary of State for European Affairs and Economic Policy in Polish MFA (2010-2012)

Jacek Dubois – lawyer at Pociej, Dubois, Kosińska-Kozak law office

Andrzej Friszke – professor of history specialized in the history of the communist Poland

Marcin Geremek – son of late Prof. Bronisław Geremek, doctor of medicine

Andrzej Klesyk - president of PZU SA

Helena Łuczywo – journalist, former anti-communist activist, one of the founders of daily Gazeta Wyborcza

Karol Modzelewski – professor of history, former anti-communist activist

Adam Michnik – former dissident, Editor-in-Chief of Gazeta Wyborcza

Wiktor Osiatyński – professor of law, constitutionalist, social activist

Adam Rotfeld – diplomat, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland (2005)

Henryk Samsonowicz – professor of history, Rector of the Warsaw University (1989-91), Minister of  Education (1989-90)

Róża Thun - Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Poland

Maciej Witucki – President of the Board of Polish Telecommunication


Tadeusz Mazowiecki


Foundation Board:

Jolanta Kurska - president
Monika Lisiewicz - vicepresident