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New book in the Foundation’s publishing series

Universitas Publishers has issued another book prepared for print by the Foundation. “Profesor to nie obelga”. Alfabet Bronisława Geremka” (“ ‘Professor’ is not an insult”. Bronisław Geremek’s Alphabet”) is an anthology of excerpts from the Professor’s articles, interviews, speeches and papers, presented in the form of a glossary of alphabetically-ordered entries. They reflect the breadth of the intellectual ruminations of the outstanding Polish politician and statesman, corresponding to the particular areas of his interests.

In the foreword to the book,  Henryk Samsonowicz underlined: “This is a kind of an   “Encyclopedia of Bronisław Geremek”, the entries of which not only contain the author’s observations on the life of a scholar, active politician and patriot - severely tested by the times - but also a wealth of material inducing reflections on one’s own life”.

[„Profesor to nie obelga”. Alfabet Bronisława Geremka, selection, arrangement and editing by  Jacek Głażewski, foreword by Henryk Samsonowicz, Krakow, Universitas, 2013, 183 pp.+ 5 unnumbered + 18 photos]