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The integration trip for the scholarship holders of the Geremek Foundation.

On October 9-10, 2010  the scholarship holders of the project  Through Modernity to History took part in the trip to the Beskid Myślenicki organised by the Geremek Foundation.   


Traditionally, the new edition of the Geremek Foundation’s historical workshops began with an integration and research trip. Within two days, the workshop participants under the care of the course instructor Dr Piotr Podemski from Warsaw University and the Foundation’s staff carried out a rich cultural and recreation programme, including a sightseeing tour around the historic centre of Krakow, walks in the Beskid Myślenicki and the projection of film followed by a discussion animated by Dr Podemski. The primary aim of the trip was to integrate the workshop participants as this special form of out-of-school education requires cooperation, openness and commitment of all the parties involved. In addition, the trip enabled evaluation of the young participants’ interests and levels of knowledge. The scholarship holders showed their best sides, which justifies the hope that this year’s historical workshops of the Geremek Foundation will also be a success significantly enriching the knowledge and, first of all, the historical imagination of young people who wanted to follow us  “trough modernity to history”.  











































































































































































































































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