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Visit of Lithanian Journalists

From 19th to 23rd September a group of representatives of opinion-making Lithuanian media came to Warsaw at invitation of Geremek’s Foundation, to take part in the meetings related to Polish -Lithuanian relations.

Lithuanian journalists visited Polish think-tanks, media as well as the representatives of public administration, they met among others Prof. Tomasz Nałęcz, the Advisor to the President of Poland regarding the history and national heritage, a Member of Parliament Mr. Jan Widacki, former Polish Ambassador to Lithuania, Mr. Jacek Kucharczyk the chief of The Institute of Public Affairs as well as Mr. Sławomir Dębski the Director of Russian – Polish Dialogue Centre.

At Gazeta Wyborcza they talked with the Director Deputy Manager Jarosław Kurski and the Chief of Foreign Department Roman Imielski about reporting  of events connected with common relations between Poland and Lithuania.

At the Ministry of National Education they had a meeting with the Minister Mirosław Sielatycki, chief of Polish-Lithuanian education team, appointed after the visit of Donald Tusk in Lithuania and his meeting with the Primie Minister of this country Adrius Kubilius. The team is required to develop solutions for polish education in Lithuania which would be satisfactory for both parties.

At the Bronisław Geremek Foundation they met Krzysztof Czyżewski, the president of
the “Borderland Foundation - arts, cultures, nations” situated in Sejny, who runs projects related to multinational heritage of the Podlasie Province.


The guests of the Foundation took part In the international conference "Russia and the European Union: what unites us, what divides us?".

Yet this year, the Geremek’s Foundation is planning a several day study visit in Lithuania for journalists of the biggest opinion-making polish media. Persons invited by the Foundation shall take part in the meetings with the representatives of government, polish and Lithuanian media, polish minority as well as non-governmental organizations.