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Promotion of “Bronisław Geremek’s Alphabet” in Moscow

On 28th   November  2014 the Polish Embassy in Moscow  hosted a meeting devoted to the book Profesor to nie obelga. Alfabet Bronisława Geremka ( ‘Professor’ is not an insult. Bronisław Geremek’s Alphabet) -  an anthology of excerpts from the Professor’s articles, interviews, speeches and papers, presented in the form of a glossary of alphabetically-ordered entries.

The participants in the discussion on the book included Prof. Alexander Lipatov (Russian State University of Humanities), Dr. Dorota Mamaj (Head of the Consular Section of the Embassy),  and Dr. Jacek Głażewski  (Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre Foundation). The audience included, among others, members of  Moscow’s Polish expatriate community and Russian students.

The discussion concerned the book itself – its contents and methodology of its creation – though primary attention was devoted to the figure of Prof. Bronisław Geremek himself: an intellectual, politician and diplomat, who treated public activity as a duty and service, requiring the highest moral standards.

The meeting also offered an opportunity for an exchange of opinions about present-day Poland, Europe and Russia.