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The core of the great Solidarity movement was the dream of freedom and democracy, understood as an innate right of every human being to decide his or her own fate and to share responsibility for the fate of the nation.

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Finale of the "School of Equal Treatment" program

 Last Monday we had the last meeting with the with teachers participating in the program. Summarizing classes took place in the Office of the Ombudsman [PHOTOS].

All the teachers have received from the hands of the Ombudsman Deputy Mr. Stanislaw Trociuk certificates of completion of the training course, and the institutions that thy represent and where they realized their projects received a badge of "School of equal treatment".

Mr. Trociuk introduced participants with activity of the Ombudsman Office and the possibility of support that it can give to equality initiatives.

Marta Rawłuszko from the Society of Anti-discriminative Education presented the research report "Anti-discrimination Education. Last call!" focusing on how the superintendents and other education institutions prevent and react to unequal treatment in schools.

Joanna Durlik from the Jagiellonian University presented the results of our last year's research project "(Not) easy returns home? Studys on functioning of children and young people returning from exile".