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The third Raphael Lemkin Debate

Ethics and responsibility of the superpowers practices. Cases of the CIA secret detention centres and human rights abuses in the Russian Federation. Open to all. 16 May, 5.30 p.m. Warsaw University Library.

Video record in media library.


17.30 Welcoming remarks

Ewa Kobierska-Maciuszko
Director of the University of Warsaw Library


Konstanty Gebert
Reporter (i.a. Yugoslavia, Rwanda) and columnist at “Gazeta Wyborcza”, founder of the Jewish monthly “Midrasz”, author of ten books, currently working on a study of comparative genocide.Poland

Olga Bobrova
Journalist and reporter of Moscow based „Novaya Gazeta”. She regularly reports from the North Caucasus region. Her coverage included the Beslan school hostage crisis, 2008 Russia-Georgia War, turmoil and riots in Ingushetia (2005-2009). In 2010 Ms Bobrova was awarded Press Freedom Prize by Austrian branch of the Reporters Without Borders. Russia

Adam Bodnar
Doctor of Law. He runs Strategic Litigation Program and Monitoring of the CIA Proceedings in Poland Program at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. Mr Bodnar also serves as Secretary of the Foundation’s Board. He works as a lecturer in the Department of Human Rights of the Faculty of Law at Warsaw University. Poland

Amrit Singh
Senior Legal Officer for the National Security and Counterterrorism Program at the Open Society Justice Initiative in New York, where she conducts strategic litigation and advocacy across the globe on national security-related human rights abuses. She is co-author of the book Administration of Torture: A Documentary Record from Washington to Abu Ghraib and Beyond. Ms Singh is a graduate of the Yale Law School, Oxford University, and Cambridge University. USA

19.00 - 19.15 Coffee break

19.15 - 19.45 Discussion

Venue: Warsaw University Library, room 316

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