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„Newspeak versus language of political correctness” debate

I find political correctness as a positive occurrence, though it is true that sometimes it is reduced to an absurd and then it becomes ridiculous. This phenomenon is not new since it is the equivalent of an old principle of decorum – said professor Michał Głowiński during the meeting on the languages of public debate which took place on 8th November 2011 in the University Library in Warsaw.

Video recording in the multimedia library.

Public debates are a medium not only of the content but of a specific language as well which defines presented phenomena. Is the language of political correctness a new representation of Orwell’s newspeak, as some of the censorious journalists claim, or is it the means of showing respect to the interlocutor, and therefore something what formerly could be described as “good manners”?

Which fields of public debate become the most common battlefield and expropriation of language and how does a language create a message was discussed by Michał Głowiński, Dominique Wolton and Joanna Nowicka. The meeting was chaired by Agnieszka Graff.

Aleksandra Szyłło’s article in Gazeta Wyborcza concerning the debate.

Prof. Michał Głowiński 


Dominique Wolton




Prof. Joanna Nowicka


Dominique Wolton, Joanna Nowicka, Michał Głowiński




Prof. Michał Głowiński


Agnieszka Graff