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The core of the great Solidarity movement was the dream of freedom and democracy, understood as an innate right of every human being to decide his or her own fate and to share responsibility for the fate of the nation.

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Prof. Bronisław Geremek Memorial Lecture

“Europe: Common Values and Historical Memory” – that is the title of Prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld’s  lecture delivered on 25th  November 2013  in the framework of the 4th  edition of the annual Prof. Bronisław Geremek Memorial Lecture.

- “All nations, without exception, are entitled to their own memory. However, it is reasonable to expect that scholars – professional historians and researchers - as well as writers and journalists  will not intentionally conceal and  distort the truth about facts and events, or bend it to fit the opportunistic requirements of current politics”,  Prof. Rotfeld underlined.

Addressing the subject of common European values,  he added: “The strength of the Union lies not so much in treaties, norms, procedures and mechanisms (…)   the Union and its member states are duty-bound to   respect the dignity of the human person,  equality and solidarity.  For the first time in history, European states created a space of freedom, security and justice for the individual and undertook protection of these values”.

On 25th  November 2013 the Old Library Hall of Warsaw University hosted members of the diplomatic corps, academics, collaborators and friends of Prof. Geremek, students and journalists.

The Prof. Bronisław Geremek Memorial Lecture was established in 2010 by decision of the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radosław Sikorski, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Maxime Verhagen. It honors the political and academic activity of Professor Bronisław Geremek  and his engagement in Polish-Dutch relations, in the context of European integration.

The first lecture in the cycle was delivered at Utrecht University in December 2010 by the former Dutch Foreign Minister, Bernard Bot. In 2011 in Warsaw, Prof. Karol Modzelewski shared his reflections on populism and democracy, while the former  Premier of the Netherlands, Wim Kok, was the speaker in Utrecht during the Dutch edition in 2012.

The organizers of the Memorial Lecture are the MFA Department of Public and Cultural Diplomacy and the  Institute of  International Relations of Warsaw University.  

Full text of the lecture: “Europe: Common Values and Historical Memory”  


Pełny tekst wykładu "Europa: wspólne wartości a pamięć historyczna" 

Information and pictures comes form webpage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland: