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Prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld and Prof. Klaus Bachman discuss Lemkin’s historic book

A meeting devoted to the recent publication in Polish of Rafał Lemkin’s book “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe” was held on 24th March 2014. 

December 2013 saw the publication of the first Polish translation of Rafał Lemkin’s work. There are few Polish legal scholars whose concepts have had comparable impact on the doctrine of international public law  and relations between states. Rafał Lemkin made history by coining the term “genocide”. Regrettably, his doctrine is still applicable in the 21st century, even though the mechanisms of  penal responsibility for that gravest of crimes have been reinforced in recent time.

The publication appeared with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RP, the Warsaw University Institute of International Relations and the Geremek Foundation.

Prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld – diplomat, scholar and former Minister of Foreign Affairs – was the guest of honor.

The commentators  included:

- Prof. Klaus Bachmann – University of Social Sciences and Humanities,

- Prof. Ireneusz Kamiński – Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Helsinki  Foundation for Human Rights,

- Dr. Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala – Warsaw University Institute of International Relations, one of the translators and editors of R. Lemkin’s book.

The meeting moderator was Mirosław Wróblewski – Director of the Department of Constitutional and International Law at the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, member of the Prof. Zbigniew Hołda Association.

The meeting was  part of  the cycle The Reading List of Prof. Zbigniew Hołda.  

The organizers: the Prof. Zbigniew Hołda Association, the Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre Foundation and Instytut  Reportażu. 

The book was issued by Scholar Publishers.