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The core of the great Solidarity movement was the dream of freedom and democracy, understood as an innate right of every human being to decide his or her own fate and to share responsibility for the fate of the nation.

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Meeting devoted to Bernard Guetta’s book “How I Became an European”

Bernard Guetta is a French journalist who specializes in international affairs. For almost twenty years he worked for Le Monde, serving as a correspondent in Warsaw, Washington and Moscow. At present, Guetta is a commentator for France Inter Radio. In the Eighties he reported on the events at the Gdansk Shipyard, which led to the emergence of Solidarity.

The book Mon intime conviction. Comment je suis devenu européen  appeared in France  in 2014. In the introduction, the author wrote: “I don’t know if we still have time. Maybe a reconciliation of Europeans with Europe is no longer possible because its policies are so barren and the institutions – so outdated,  but I don’t accept this state affairs and don’t intend to stand idly by. That is the purpose of this book”. 

The Polish translation of the book was  published at the initiative of the Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre Foundation as part of the series “Library of Professor Bronisław Geremek”. The introduction to the Polish edition was penned by Adam Michnik (From the Revolution of Paris May ’68 to the European Union).

On 24th  November  2014 the  French Culture and Francophone Studies  Centre of Warsaw University hosted a discussion on the book. Taking part were Bernard Guetta and Adam Michnik. Prof. Paul Gradvohl ,  Director of the Centre, was the discussion moderator.


Bernard Guetta, Jak zostałem Europejczykiem, trans. Oskar Hedemann, foreword: Adam Michnik, Kraków, Universitas, 2014, series „Biblioteka Profesora Bronisława Geremka” [ISBN: 97883-242-2374-9].