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Pilot Scholarship Programme for Students of Warsaw Middle Schools

The Foundation “Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre” has started a pilot scholarship programme  for middle school students (send grade) interested in widely understood historical topics.

The programme called Through Modernity To History - Prof. Bronisław Geremek Historical Workshops” is aimed at facilitating students’ efforts to learn history, in particular the most recent history, and promoting historical knowledge as an important tool for understanding the contemporary world.

Currently 11 students participate in the programme. They attend workshops and receive monthly scholarship of PLN 200.00.
Workshops concentrate on significant contemporary events and their historical context. They are run by a historian associated with the Foundation in a form of a seminar, based on discussions, where students are encouraged to active participation. Dr. Piotr Podemski, who runs the programme, is a historian and a linguist, works at the University of Warsaw and teaches in middle and secondary schools.

Workshops are held every other week, on Saturday mornings. Student will also go for a weekend trip where they will have an opportunity to meet one of the leaders of democratic transformations of 1989.