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The core of the great Solidarity movement was the dream of freedom and democracy, understood as an innate right of every human being to decide his or her own fate and to share responsibility for the fate of the nation.

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Publication of ”Build Bridges, not Walls"

With the initiative of the Geremek Foundation by the end of this year the Dialogue publishing house will comes out with a Handbook of 97 Exercises in Human Rights, Intercultural Understanding and Conflict Management.

The book "Build bridges, not walls", written by Enver Djuliman and Lillian Hjort is a result of more than ten years of experience in human rights education of Helsinki Committee in the Western Balkans, Russia, Belarus and Norway.

The book is recommended by the OSCE, Council of Europe, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

It is the book where the authors obtains a report of good-practoices experience of many years of efforts to reconcile conflicts between people of different ancestry and culture.