Aby zapewnić trwałość zdobyczom Unii Europejskiej i sprostać globalnym wyzwaniom naszych czasów, potrzebujemy duchowej jedności Europy, potrzebujemy europejskiego poczucia tożsamości.



The Bronislaw Geremek Foundation was established in 2008. The Foundation documents, protects and promotes the legacy of Professor B. Geremek. It focuses on civic education, the European values, democratic engagement by promoting ideals of public life embodied by Professor B. Geremek. The Foundation pursues these goals by awakening respect for human rights and supporting intercultural dialogue.

Key activity lines of The Foundation consists of:

·         Sustaining and promoting the legacy of Prof. B. Geremek

·         Fostering discussions on the future of Europe and its values

·         Education the youth, in particular within European integration and values and anti-discrimination


The Foundation actively supports and engages in all actions related to spreading the true and accurate information concerning the European integration and policies as well as to combatting disinformation. The Foundation organizes international conferences and debates as well as educational programs for youth and students, publishes books and reports. 


The Foundation cooperates with organizations from all over Europe to promote the European values, solidarity, intercultural dialogue, discuss lessons learned from history and to reflect on the future of Europe. The Foundation is member of Réseau des Maisons et Fondations Politiques des Pères de l’Europe (Network of Foundations devoted to Europe’s Founding Fathers). 

Since its creation the Foundation organized 9 major annual international conferences covering global and European issues as well 44 debates and 19 thematic lectures focused on roots of European integrations, threats of populism and authoritarianism. The Foundation’s education unit trained 200 teachers and 680 students in antidiscrimination and European integration. Until today the Foundation published 29 books covering various aspects of European integration, its historic roots as well as the Bronisław Geremek contribution to the European project.

Between 2008-2019 the Board of the Foundation was presided by Jolanta Kurska.

Currently, the Foundation is chaired by Ignacy Niemczycki. He worked in the past in the Foreign Ministry of Poland supporting Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations and as head of European policy unit of Polityka Insight intelligence. Ignacy coordinates also the European Front, the coalition of Polish pro-European NGOs.

Wojciech Białożyt, member of the Board, is versatile manager who gained professional experience in management, policy research and corporate communications. He served between 2015-2020 as Managing Director of WiseEuropa think-tank and between 2012-2014 he as Member of the Board and Director of Jan Karski Educational Foundation. The areas of his research interests cover the future of Europe, French external and internal policies as well as impact of digitisation on democracy.

Magdalena Witwicka, also at the Foundation’s Board, has worked at the Geremek Foundation for 10 years supervising the education unit and administrative aspects of projects’ implementation.



Contact details:
ul. Wilcza 9A/7

00-538 Warszawa, Poland
Tel.:+48 22 628 83 63
E-mail: fundacja@geremek.pl